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Published on June 5th, 2016 | by I Love Upstate New York


7 Sights to Check Out without Checking In

Boating in the Thousands Islands can offer literally thousands of choices to occupy sun filled days in the summer. Granted, there are lots of things to do and see while staying inside the boarder: touring Boldt Castle and Singer Castle, visiting numerous parks, checking out several lighthouses along with ship watching just to name a few…

Here are 7 of our favorite sights to check out without having to check in to Canadian customs.

1. The Boateak
The Boateak is a quant, little shop found on Bluff Island in the top of a classic boathouse. Read more.

Thousand Islands Boateak

2. The Mystery of Deer Island
Secret societies, castle ruins, and the mystery of old bones await. Read more.

Deer Island Skull and Bones

3. A Hidden Treasure on Nobby Island
One of the great overlooked details nestled in the narrow waterways surrounding Bolt Castle is a hand painted mural…Read More.

Mural on Nobby Island

4. The Frontenac Post Office on Round Island
All that remains of some of the river’s rich past can be seen at this local historical post office. Read More.

Frontenac Post Office on Round Island

5. Rock Island Lighthouse
The perfect place for a picnic…Read more.

Rock Island Lighthouse

6. Dad Humor…
Is it snowing?? Consult the weather rock to find out. Read more.

The weather rock

7. The World’s Smallest Library
Take a trip through the international rift past a tiny floating garden and what may be the world’s smallest library. Read more.The World's Smallest Library


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