Fall Boldt Castle at Night

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Boldt Castle

In the crystal clear waters of the St. Lawrence River, positioned off of the main shipping channel, Boldt Castle stands tall and proud, the crown jewel of the Thousand Islands. Built on Heart Island, this major attraction of the north holds a story of true love and bitter heartbreak. The story itself is so captivating, it is worth taking the tour just to learn more; a millionaire hotel mogul falls in love and begins to build the ultimate tribute to his wife until she falls ill and dies, and the broken hearted man never steps foot on the island again.

There are several spectacular structures on Heart Island in addition to Boldt Castle. Alster Tower (also known as the Playhouse), the Powerhouse and Clocktower and the Entry Arch all sit stoically among sprawling gardens and beautiful pathways. A short boat ride will bring you to yet another towering edifice, the Boldt Castle Yacht House.

If you have never taken the time to see the castle, it is well worth the trip. If you have had the pleasure of touring the castle and grounds, it’s worth a second look. Renovations are almost constantly taking place, so every trip holds something new to see and experience. If you want to learn more about the history and renovations or plan a trip head over to the Boldt Castle website.

The Castle:
Boldt Castle Heart Island
Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle at Night

The Grand Staircase:
The Grand Staircase inside Boldt Castle

The Library and Stained Glass Skylight:
Library and Stained Glass Window inside Boldt Castle

The Dining Room:
DIning Room inside Boldt Castle

The Kitchen:
Kitchens inside Boldt Castle

The Reception Room and Bedrooms:
An interior bedroom and parlor room in Boldt Castle
A bedroom inside Boldt Castle

The Billiard Room:
Billiard Room inside Boldt Castle

The Entry Arch:The Entry Arch at Boldt Castle The Entry Arch at Boldt Castle

The Powerhouse and Clocktower:The Powerhouse at Boldt Castle The Powerhouse at Boldt Castle

Alster Tower (the Playhouse):
Alster Tower - The Playhouse at Boldt Castle

The Yacht House:
Boldt Castle Yacht House
Boldt Castle Yacht House

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7 Responses to Boldt Castle

  1. Judy Bristol says:

    Thank you so much for posting these photos. My family and I visited there several times in the 1950s and 60s. I recall one visit after the renovations began, but will come back again soon.

    • I Love Upstate New York says:

      You’re welcome! We are so happy that you enjoyed them. So many people have shared such wonderful memories of the castle with us that we wanted to give something back.

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