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2012 Beekman Harvest Fest


A little over an hour east of Utica, sits a small quaint town in the center of New York State that is featured in its very own reality television show. “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” is set in the town of Sharon Springs, New York and follows the lives of two city boys who have moved to the country to reinvent themselves as farmers and entrepreneurs. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Brent Ridge have created the lifestyle brand Beekman 1802 which they slap on everything from cookbooks to goat’s milk soap. Over the weekend, Scott and I and a couple of great friends traveled down to Sharon Springs to partake in the town’s annual Harvest Fest. The festival featured vendors selling everything from pickles and pumpkins to clothing and jewelry, not to mention celebrity appearances by the Fabulous Beekman Boys themselves. Every inch of the town was dripping with pumpkins, mums and cornstalks, it was truly a visual delight. Highlights of our day included chatting with the locals, seeing the live birds of prey at the bird rescue exhibit and ending the day with a glass of wine at the gorgeous American Hotel. Here are some of our favorite shots from the day, and a clip from the popular show “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”. For a visual treat, check out the Beekman Boys’ website: http://beekman1802.com/.TheBeekmanBoys


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10 Responses to 2012 Beekman Harvest Fest

  1. Amy Leonard says:

    Isn’t Sharon Springs lovely? Glad you had a good time and I loved reading your blog. In regards to your inquiry (Whoever is doing their graphic design and marketing is just a genius. We are in love with every last detail.) They do all their own designs and marketing, using Josh’s background in advertising and Brent’s background in business. There used to be a YouTube video of them creating a new label for their product “Milkshake”, but I cannot seem to find it.

    • We are so glad you enjoy our blog. Thank you for your comment and the great information. I had no clue they did everything themselves. That’s quite a feat. I have yet to stop drooling over their cookbook that I purchased over the weekend.

  2. Nancy Pfau says:

    As Sharon’s Town Historian, I love reading such glowing reviews of our little village. She may be small but there are those of us who love her!

  3. josh & brent says:

    Hi Andrea…thank you for such a great and beautiful recap of the weekend! hope you don’t mind, but we linked to your blog and wanted to use a photo on our website. (We credited you and linked to your business webpage.) If you prefer that we don’t, please just email us through Beekman1802.com. See you again soon, we hope!

    • I couldn’t be more delighted! Thank you for a wonderful weekend in a beautiful town. I have yet to stop drooling over your gorgeous cookbook, since I picked it up on Saturday. The layout and design are so thoughtfully done, it is just a pleasure to read. I am looking forward to coming back to Sharon Springs very soon. Thanks again!

  4. Marilyn Engle says:

    These pictures from the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival are FABULOUS!! If I had not been to Sharon Springs before, these pictures would make me want to get there real soon! I have been fascinated with this area for 20 years and have followed the changes that have occurred during this time. It is so exciting to see this village come alive again! Cannot wait to see what’s next!!

    • Thank you! Doesn’t Sharon Springs have such an interesting history? And I have barely scratched the surface on it. I am completely intrigued by the entire town and am dying to learn more. This is going to require more weekend trips!

  5. Sharon Springs looks wonderful. Another place to add to my list! Thank you for all the glorious photos!

  6. garnisyogap says:

    The Owl, Oh my God. It’s really craving me .
    Btw, i like your sense of photography ♥

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