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Mount Hope Is Dope

In my hometown, Rochester New York, there sits the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen, Mount Hope. Not only is Mt. Hope a final resting place to such historical powerhouses as Susan B. Anthony (swoon) and Frederic Douglas, it is also a garden, a park and a piazza. It’s a place in the city where people can mix and mingle and be. Fall is especially glorious, as the trees become ablaze in fiery reds and oranges, the sky is a crisp pale blue and the temperature drops to accommodate a brisk walk or run through the gigantic sprawling grounds. Best of all, Mt. Hope has regularly scheduled guided tours and is completely free to the public. Talk about a sweet deal. Every time Scott and I return home, we always make time to visit Mt. Hope to take some photographs. Since fall is quickly approaching and some of you may want to head out with your camera, I thought I would highlight Mt. Hope as a photo destination in the upstate area.

For more information about Mount Hope cemetery, other celebrities that are buried there and a printable map, check out http://nyfalls.com/mt-hope-cemetery.html

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  1. tita buds says:

    That cemetery looks more like a park than a place where the dead are buried. :) Beautiful photos.

    • aparisi13 says:

      Thank you! It really is more of a park than anything. The first time I ever went to Mount Hope was with typography class at the local community college. We had a list of typographical symbols to track down and then do rubbings of the headstones to prove we found them. It was like a typography scavenger hunt! I fell in love with Mount Hope that day and have returned many times since!

  2. xzalense says:

    You seriously take beautiful shots…

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